How To Prepare For An Earthquake

Make sure that items which might cause injuries when they fall or move are secured.

Do not put beds near the window, as windows may break once an earthquake occurs.

Items hanging over couches, beds, sofas and other places where people usually sit or lie must be secured.

Practice duck, cover and hold.

Duck under an object which can be used to cover your body such as beds or tables.

If a sturdy object is near you such as a thick book, use it to cover your neck and head.

If there is none, use your arms.

While the earthquake subsists, hold on to the objects you are using as protection to maintain cover.

This must be often practiced to be able to react as fast as possible.

Store in a durable bag basic necessities and critical supplies such as water, medicine, food, clothing and important documents.

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Jay Christian
Jay Christian

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