How To Keep Safe During The Course Of A Natural Disaster.

Imagine precisely what might occur if you and your faced a national disaster tomorrow morning.

Medical facilities would be packed to the brim in less than a few hours.

Perhaps even worse, they could all be shut down across your state.

No one will be able to care for you since our medical system really isn’t even readied for the individuals they service regularly today.

And, although you could attempt to care for yourself with medicine, there’s little chance to get it.

The reason is because pharmacies will either close down or get over run by individuals looking for the same medications.

U.S. service members lift a knocked-down wall off a damaged car in a tsunami-struck area here March 29.

Nearly 40 U.S. service members and civilians left Misawa Air Base, Japan, to assist in tsunami cleanup and relief efforts in the village as part of Operation Tomodachi. 

Did you realize that vehicles carrying medical items cease delivering whenever there’s a catastrophe?

Be it the next terrorist strike, natural disaster or economic meltdown, drug stores would most likely be are emptied in just minutes.

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Jay Christian
Jay Christian

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