The # 1 Killer In Any Disaster Is Disease And Infection

It doesn’t matter if it’s an earthquake , terrorist attack or the crash of the US dollar.

The biggest thing that can certainly kill you or your loved ones in a catastrophe is an illness or disease.

A correctly equipped emergency trauma kit is a fantastic first step.

As soon as a disaster or a significant emergency event strikes, your local clinic will definitely be brimming with a lot of people who were not really prepared.

And the personnel probably won’t have the ability to help you.

Throughout Katrina, for example, non-threatening health problems (a basic cold or cut) turned fatal because of the scarcity of medical supplies and medication.

This is exactly why our experts highly encourage this emergency trauma kit over these low-cost first aid kits.

A first aid kit is fantastic for a backpacking or camping trip when you have the ability to easily reach a doctor or hospital later on or if the situation worsens.

But, during a natural or man-made disaster like a nuclear attack, hospitals will definitely be tough to reach or over-flowing with unprepared patients.

Don’t be cheap and lose your life or the life of a family member simply because you were not prepared to handle illnesses adequately.

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Jay Christian
Jay Christian

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