Proof That Medical Issues Are Worse

The National Institutes of Health website lists the below realities about just what leads to ALMOST ALL deaths shortly after a major disaster:

  • Crowding is most common in populations displaced by natural disasters and can certainly expedite the transmission of contagious health problems.
  • Neisseria meningitidis meningitis is passed on from person to person, primarily in conditions of crowding.
  • Acute respiratory infections (ARI) are without a doubt a major root cause of illness and fatality among displaced populations, primarily in kids < 5 years of age.
  • Lack of accessibility to health services and to antimicrobial agents for remedies further increases the threat for death.

Notice that lack of food and water are not big concerns that lead to death.

But still most disaster or prepper blog sites explore strategies to stockpile food and water.

It could be weeks or months before medicine will be readily available once again.

And you can’t delay until disaster strikes first before you get ready.

A few calamities, such as a nuclear strike, takes place in a heartbeat with no warning whatsoever.
And medical knowledge is the best” tool” you might use to barter for anything.
You’ll have the upper-hand on any person.

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Jay Christian
Jay Christian

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