How To Survive A Category 5 Hurricane.

Tropical storms, unlike earthquakes or volcanic eruptions, can be predicted.

Weather forecasters often warn citizens of an incoming tropical storm in certain areas.

So, for tropical storm disaster survival, you have to be ready for anything.

Always have a survival kit ready.

Pack enough food, water, medicine, clothing, and other necessities.

Prune trees and foliage around your home to minimize the extent of debris and branches tossed around when the tropical storm strikes the area.

Check gutters and canals. Make sure these are unclogged to prevent flooding.

Secure your property.

Board up your houses’ windows with plywood.

Secure straps and clips on your roof to prevent damage.

And, have self-defense items in your home for protection against intruders after the storm passes.

If you live in high grounds, evacuate. Winds brought about by tropical storms are much stronger in elevated areas than in low-level areas.

If you live in coastal areas, evacuate as soon as possible.

Listen to news on the radio or television.

Be alert when authorities give a signal to evacuate the area.

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Jay Christian
Jay Christian

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