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Safety Tips For How To Survive A Category 5 Hurricane

how to survive a hurricane on a deserted island

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How To Survive A Hurricane Outside

In surviving a natural disaster, such as tropical storms (aka hurricanes), understanding its nature is essential.

What exactly are tropical storms, also called hurricanes?

Tropical storms are storm systems rapidly rotating.

These are characterized by strong winds, low-pressure centers, closed low-level circulation in the atmosphere and thunderstorms with spiral arrangement.

These result to heavy rains.

Typhoons, hurricanes and tropical cyclones are all the same.

Typhoons are tropical storms which form in the western Pacific Ocean.

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Hurricanes form in Northeast Pacific Ocean and North Atlantic Ocean.

Cyclones form in the Indian Ocean and South Pacific Ocean.

Why are tropical storms dangerous?

Tropical storms are characterized by winds as fast as 75 miles per hour.

When they pass bodies of water, they create dangerous waves.

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Once these reach land, they cause even more damage.

Tropical storms can destroy homes, knock down electrical posts and trees, tip cars, and flood vicinity.

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