What To Do If A Tsunami Strikes

Why are tsunamis dangerous?

Tsunamis hit fast, giving people little time to react, much less run to safety.

It could drown thousands with just one sweep.

It could also cause contamination of clean drinking water as well as fires from damaged gas lines, or destroyed tanks.

Though tsunamis are inevitable and devastating, being prepared for tsunamis is one step to disaster survival.

You need to know the following things especially if you live in coastal areas.

Areas prone to tsunamis are often low level areas.

Therefore, move to higher ground.

Activities such as water recession, underfoot tremors and shakes, and loud roars are usually signs which give a hint that a tsunami is coming.

If you noticing these, but the authorities have yet to issue a warning, do not wait for the authorities anymore.

Evacuate immediately and head toward high ground.

Prepare a waterproof survival kit containing water, food, medicine and clothing.

People who live near the coasts must evacuate immediately.

Listen to news and become alert when authorities are warning of a tsunami coming.

Warnings must be heeded – it’s better to be safe than sorry.

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Jay Christian
Jay Christian

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