Cut weak and dead branches particularly.

Remember, most of the injuries caused by tornadoes are because of the debris hurled around.

You do not want these to fall over your own home, or even in your neighbors’.

As much as possible, have a safe room in your household.

Strong tornadoes are capable of destroying homes and threaten the lives of its occupants.

Having a small shelter enough for you and your family inside your home is a good level of protection.

Carry a few self-defense items with you as well to protect yourself once the storm passes.

One of the best places to build a safe room is the basement.

If you do not have a safe room inside your home, head somewhere safer.

Head as far as possible from the area likely to be affected by the tornado.

Listen to the radio or television for updates about possible tornado strikes near you as well as instructions for evacuation.

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Jay Christian
Jay Christian

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