How To Stay Safe During A Volcanic Eruption.

Although volcanic eruptions are unstoppable and terrifying, being alert and prepared is one step to disaster survival.

Pack a survival kit containing water, food, medicine and clothing. Also include a portable pair of goggles as well as breathing masks.

Be alert of any news requiring people in different areas to evacuate. Follow the evacuation plan given by the authorities.

Once a volcano erupts, be calm and alert as much as possible.

The last thing you would want is panicking about the situation and forgetting what you should do.

Immediately evacuate once alerted by the authorities to evacuate to avoid flying debris, pyroclastic flow, and poisonous gases.

Be mindful of mud-flows. These move quicker than you.

Do not go to river valleys or low level areas.

Do not forget to help other people in need, especially those who need special assistance such as babies, people with disabilities and the elderly.

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Jay Christian
Jay Christian

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