How To Stay Safe During A Volcanic Eruption And Ash Fallout

survive a volcanic eruption

There are several types of volcanic eruptions. There are phreatomagmatic, magmatic, and phreatic eruptions where lava, tephra (lapilli, volcanic bombs, ash, and volcanic blocks), and assorted gases, shot into the the air from a volcanic vent. Some volcanoes might show just one characteristic type of eruption, while others may display an entire sequence of activities. If you live or happen to vacation near a volcano, it’s critical to learn how to stay safe during a volcanic eruption and ash fallout.

Mount Tambora of Indonesia erupted. That year became a year without a summer resulted by a decrease in the temperature with the presence of ash in the atmosphere. Recently, Mount Mayon, an active volcano in the Philippines, spewed ash and lava. The incident affected displaced thousands of people.

Volcano Safety Tips, Preparation, and Readiness

Volcano Safety Tips, Preparation, and Readiness.

Volcanoes are one of the most dangerous natural disasters there are. In surviving a natural disaster, such as a volcanic eruption, you should have knowledge of what is ahead of you.

What are volcanoes?

Volcanoes are basically mountains with a downward opening reservoir of molten rock. Once there is too much pressure from the gases within the molten rock, an eruption will occur.

Top Tips To Survive A Volcanic Eruption.

Why are volcanoes dangerous?

Volcanoes spew lava, poisonous gases, rocks, as well as ash, enabling them to travel up to a hundred miles. Lava flows caused by a volcanic eruption are great fire hazards. It destroys anything that comes in their way.

top 10 tips to survive a volcanic eruption

Aside from that, the gas and ash erupted by volcanoes are dangerous for both young and old alike, when inhaled. It can cause severe respiratory illnesses. Also, volcanic ash are likely to damage machines, electrical equipment and engines.

How To Stay Safe During A Volcanic Eruption.

Although volcanic eruptions are unstoppable and terrifying, being alert and prepared is one step to disaster survival.

  • Pack a survival kit containing water, food, medicine and clothing. Also include a portable pair of goggles as well as breathing masks.
  • Be alert of any news requiring people in different areas to evacuate. Follow the evacuation plan given by the authorities.

how to stay safe during a volcanic eruption

Once a volcano erupts, be calm and alert as much as possible. The last thing you would want is panicking about the situation and forgetting what you should do.

  • Immediately evacuate once alerted by the authorities to evacuate to avoid flying debris, pyroclastic flow, and poisonous gases.
  • Be mindful of mud-flows. These move quicker than you.
  • Do not go to river valleys or low level areas.
  • Do not forget to help other people in need, especially those who need special assistance such as babies, people with disabilities and the elderly.

what to do during a volcanic eruption

What To Do During A Volcanic Eruption.

  • If were not able to evacuate, stay indoors. Close all windows, doors and ventilation such as the vents of chimney, air conditioners, furnaces, and other vents, until the ash settles.
  • Wear shirts with long sleeves as well as long pants.
  • Avoid any contact with ash if you have a respiratory illness such as asthma.
  • Use breathing masks and goggles to protect yourself from harmful ash and poisonous gases. You can also use dust masks or, if there are none available, use a damp cloth, hold it over your face to aid in breathing.
  • Refrain from driving vehicles. Driving will cause ash to obstruct engines, damage its parts and stall vehicles.

How To Survive Volcanic Ash Fallout.

It may take a while before volcanoes stop spewing lava, ash and other pyroclastic materials.

  • Once the authorities give an all clear sign, be cautious in threading the paths. Try to be as far as possible from hardened pyroclastic flows and damaged objects.
  • Clean settled ash on low-pitched and flat roofs, as well as rain gutters. These ashes when mixed with water can damage the roof.


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