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How To Stay Safe During A Volcanic Eruption And Ash Fallout

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There are several types of volcanic eruptions.

There are phreatomagmatic, magmatic, and phreatic eruptions where lava, tephra (lapilli, volcanic bombs, ash, and volcanic blocks), and assorted gases, shot into the the air from a volcanic vent.

Some volcanoes might show just one characteristic type of eruption, while others may display an entire sequence of activities.

If you live or happen to vacation near a volcano, it’s critical to learn how to stay safe during a volcanic eruption and ash fallout.

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Mount Tambora of Indonesia erupted.

That year became a year without a summer resulted by a decrease in the temperature with the presence of ash in the atmosphere.

Recently, Mount Mayon, an active volcano in the Philippines, spewed ash and lava.

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The incident affected displaced thousands of people.

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