Chlorine Dioxide Tablets: Your Best Survival Water Purification Filter

You might think that boiling water or using commercial filters are a much safer way to treat water during and after a natural or man-made disaster. Actually, chlorine dioxide tablets are your best survival water purification filter system for clean water. Most people need at least two quarts of clean water every day to stay alive. If the weather is extra hot when disaster strikes, that need can double.

Purifying water is much easier with you drop in ONE chlorine dioxide tablet into a quart of water and let it work its magic. Boiling water or using commercial filters can’t kill certain organisms that contaminate water systems after a Hurricane, Tornado, or Nuclear attack. To learn how to survive a nuclear attack, get a free copy of our guide, Nuclear Attack Survival Checklist.”

Chlorine dioxide tablets kill bacteria, viruses, and cysts.

When you purify your water using chlorine dioxide tablets, you kill a wide range of bacteria, viruses and cysts. It also works against a wide variety of yeasts, fungi, protozoa, spores, molds, mildews, and other microbes that can really hurt you.

Chlorine Dioxide Tablets Your Best Survival Water Purification Filter - CampersPrep

Less effective water filter & purification systems.

We favor chlorine dioxide tablets because they are superior to other methods used to filter and purify water. They are also easy to carry and have a long self-life. Other purification and filtering options are:

  • Chemical purifiers: They tend to take a longer to work in very cold water. While, chlorine dioxide takes only 4 hours to kill the toughest micro-organisms.
  • Boiling water: This requires that you carry extra fuel with you that you also need for cooking.
  • Iodine tablets: They don’t kill cryptosporidium, which are the deadliest type of protozoa.
  • Filters that use activated carbon: They don’t remove viruses in contaminated water.
  • Pump based filters and purifiers: These items are heavy to carry, where as chlorine dioxide tablets are light-weight.

The taste of chlorine dioxide tablets in water.

Some people say that water treated with Chlorine dioxide tablets, tastes awful. While others say there is no taste. There’s really no perfect solution here. Chemicals are effective, but you can’t see that they are working. Filters can fail silently, so you think it’s cleaning your water, but it’s not.

Given a choice, when preparing for a natural disaster, have some Chlorine dioxide tablets and use them with your favor filter. This combination works well for any type of calamity that makes your local water system harmful. For nuclear attacks, follow the tips in our nuclear attack survival guide.

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