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Managing Editor

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Chlorine Dioxide Tablets: Your Best Survival Water Purification Filter

You might think that boiling water or using commercial filters are a much safer way to treat water during and after a natural or man-made disaster. Actually, chlorine dioxide tablets are your best survival water purification filter system for clean water. Most people need at least two quarts of clean water every day to stay alive. If the weather is …

How To Stay Safe During A Volcanic Eruption And Ash Fallout

survive a volcanic eruption

There are several types of volcanic eruptions. There are phreatomagmatic, magmatic, and phreatic eruptions where lava, tephra (lapilli, volcanic bombs, ash, and volcanic blocks), and assorted gases, shot into the the air from a volcanic vent. Some volcanoes might show just one characteristic type of eruption, while others may display an entire sequence of activities. If you live or happen …

Safety Tips For How To Survive A Category 5 Hurricane

how to survive a hurricane on a deserted island

A tropical cyclone, also called a hurricane, is a rapidly rotating, low-pressure, storm system with strong winds. It has a spiral arrangement of thunderstorms that produce heavy rains and depending on its location and strength, it may have a different name.Other names are hurricane in the USA, typhoon in Asia, tropical storm, cyclonic storm, tropical depression, and simply cyclone. Recently, …