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Subject: [VIDEO] What if the blast hits tomorrow?
Subject: Are you ready for a nuclear blast?
Subject: Prepare for a nuclear attack like this…


If a group threatened a nuclear attack tomorrow in
your home town, would you be able to get your family
to safety tonight?

If you’re like most people who are unprepared, your
answer is “no.”

The nuclear attack survival checklist you have will be
helpful, but what if you had a complete blueprint to

I want to give you access to a step-by-step blueprint.

A blueprint that will get you and your family prepared
to survive a Nuclear Attack.

Regardless of what they tell you in the media, you can
survive a nuclear attack.

I’ll prove it to you when you get access to the “Nuclear
Survival Blueprint ”
by Jay Christian.

It’s a video series, Jay shows you all you need to do to
prepare and survive a nuclear attack.


To your safety,

Subject: It’s not like a hurricane or tornado
Subject: Basic disaster planning won’t help during a nuclear blast
Subject: [WATCH VIDEO] The only way to prepare for a nuclear attack

Hey there,

Preparing to survive a nuclear attack isn’t like preparing
for a hurricane or tornado or flood.

So any information you have now about surviving these
natural disasters, won’t prepare you for surviving a
nuclear attack.

Let me explain….

A nuclear attack requires that you have food, water,
self-defense, medical and shelter prepared for a 2-4
week period.

A nuclear attack means you must be ready to survive
for a period of time.

Are you ready to survive in a shelter you created for a
2-4 week period?

Squirreling away some canned foods, a few gallons of
water and a generator isn’t going to help you survive a
nuclear attack.

This is why I want to get Jay Christian’s 8 video series
program, ‘Nuclear Survival Blueprint.’

How to Prepare For a Nuclear Attack So You Live To
Talk About It.


To your safety,

Subject: Facts and myths about the blast
Subject: The lies the media tells you about nuclear attacks…
Subject: Nuclear attack lies and truths revealed


What you’ll appreciate most about Jay Christian’s
‘Nuclear Attack Survival Blueprint’ is the eye-opening
“Facts & Myths” section…

This section is critical because there are too many
myths about nuclear attacks.

These myths prevent people like you from preparing for
the blast because you think you can’t survive anyway.

Don’t let the Liberal media and Liberal Hollywood movies
fool you into thinking you can’t survive a nuclear blast.

You can survive to talk about it later, while the liberals in
Hollywood and in the media perish.

After about 2-4 weeks in your shelter, it should be safe to
come out into the world again.

The ‘Facts & Myths’ section of the program shows you why
it’s safe to exit your shelter after 2-4 weeks.

When you exit your shelter, there might not be power or
clean water.

Jay shows you how to make clean water from outside

…how to use solar power to power-up your communication

…and so much more!


To your safety,


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Topics Discussed In This Survival Training

  • VIDEO 1: Why you CAN survive a nuclear attack and why the liberal media is wrong
  • VIDEO 2: Common facts & myths about nuclear attacks. This will open your eyes and give you confidence that you can truly survive an attack IF you prepare.
  • VIDEO 3: How to build a simple fallout shelter that will protect you and your family for 2-4 weeks after the blast.
  • VIDEO 4: How to store water in your shelter and how to make clean water when you exit your shelter 2-4 weeks later when other water sources might be contaminated.
  • VIDEO 5: How to store food in your shelter and what type of food you should have to keep alive for 2-4 weeks. You won't eat like a king, but you will live to talk about it.
  • VIDEO 6: How to defend yourself in your shelter. Types of knives, tasers, etc.
  • VIDEO 7: How to stock your medical emergency kit. In your shelter, any small medical issue can become major.
  • VIDEO 8: Life after the blast. Leaving your shelter. Getting water, medical, and food supplies, etc.


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